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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Chris Foxley has had a lifetime spent on race tracks competing at Club level and up to full International level and has been amongst some of the best riders in the world. This experience of mixing with riders and technicians who have a desire to improve their motorcycles and spend hours and hours refining the smallest of details, this has very much stuck with me when I develop an idea, or a part that I am working on, those three words are so very important. "Attention to detail"

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The Story

Foxley Mobile Starters became a business in 1997 purely by accident, at that time Chris was racing a BSA Rob North Rocket 3 race bike that did not start easily from cold, trying to start the BSA from cold could take three grown men all their energy, so something had to be done. It was then with the help of a life long friend Dave Sharratt, who also raced motorcycle's that we designed and built our very first Foxley starter, which then was sold to "Reve Racing" BSB Ducati team which was ran by no other than Roger Marshall, with riders Steve Hislop and John Reynolds. From then on the business mushroomed with customer's knocking on Chris's door, and that was 26 Years ago.

Sample photos of Foxley Starters

Our Clients have been some of the top BSB & WSB teams who demand quality and 110% reliability which is something that Foxley Starters fully understands and prides itself on.

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