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Moto TMR Starter


Currently we produce two models of Foxley Mobile Starters which are powered by either a 200cc or 400cc OHC  "Japanese built" four stroke engine's, they are efficient and ultra reliable. Chris Foxley has over 20 years experience of building these machines and is able to give quality advise to any customer.

If you have any special requests or needs, we are happy to help, contact us by phone, email or the contact form and let us know.

200cc OHC Foxley Starter

400cc OHC Foxley Starter

200cc Foxley Starter

The cost of this machine is £1,350 plus VAT.


The engine unit is a 200cc OHC previously a Subaru powered unit but as from May 2023 we now use Honda "Japanese built" four stroke engine's and each starter is geared to the customer requests depending on what type of race motorcycle the starter is going to be used for.

The cost of this machine is £2,175 plus VAT.

This is the biggest and most powerful Foxley Mobile Starter available, the unit is powered by a 400cc OHC four stroke engine and customers with Ducati Desmosedici MotoGp racebikes with big bang V-Four engines and the mighty Britten V-Twin racebikes use this starter with great success.  

Most modern four stroke race Motorcycles have slipper clutches which our starters can work and overcome, please pass full details of the Motorcycle you need a starter for when making an enquiry 


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