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MotoGP Starter

Mobile Starters

This starter is the mainstay of our business and is capable of starting most high capacity four stroke race Motorcycles with ease. 


Engine Mobile Starters

A range of brand new 200cc or 400cc Mobile Starters are for sale. There is not a motorbike these starters will have any issues starting. Foxley Mobile starters have been used in MotoGP and other globally known motorbike races. The petrol run engines are efficient and are very easy to get started.

Most modern four stroke race Motorcycles have slipper clutches which our starters can work and overcome, please pass full details of the Motorcycle you need a starter for when making an enquiry 

Mobile Starter

Specific Paddock Stands

A wide range of motorbike specific front and rear paddock stands are available. All stands are braze welded and powder coated to leave it with a neat finishing colour and a lovely printed metal logo is added. They are carefully designed to maximise strength, stability and made easy to use. The Foxley Paddock Stands are used worldwide, some are just used for home use whilst others are being used on track side. 

Laptop Workstation

Laptop workstations make your laptop mobile and safe to wheel around a race pit or busy workshop whilst downloading or viewing data on the motorcycle ECU.  They are made from steel tube with a wheeled base and a cushioned tray ready to accept the laptop,two of the base wheels are braked to lock the trolley to avoid it rolling away. Cost of the mobile stations are £135,00 plus VAT.

Laptop Workstation
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Printed Metal plate

Jig Frame Building

Each Foxley Paddock Stand is fitted with its own pressed metal motorbike logo. This adds to the design of our paddock stands and makes them stand out from all other paddock stands. This adds a beautiful look to the finished black powder coated stand. If you are for a stand for either Norton or a Triumph, you will have your own pressed metal badge added.

All Foxley Mobile Starters and Paddock Stands are made in house and brazed together using the tried and tested Gas Fluxing process which produces a very strong, neat and vibration proof welded joints.


About Me

Chris Foxley Bio

Here at Foxley Mobile Starters and Paddock Stands, Chris Foxley has been manufacturing and producing Starters since 1997 and has vast experience in what is required. Each machine is lovingly hand built to a high specification ensuring quality and reliability for it's customers.

Over the years Chris has competed at the highest level in UK Motorcycle racing and has a number of Championships to his name and is fully aware of the importance of good machine preparation which he very much keeps in mind when producing the Foxley Mobile Starter.

About Me

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